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Our Story: Lighting the Path to Healing


In 2006, our journey began with a simple yet powerful mission: to extend the healing touch of low-cost and free therapies to those who need it most. At the heart of our charity is a deep commitment to nurturing the body and soul.


Our Approach: Where Compassion Meets Expertise


We take pride in our consultative approach that blends the skills of our dedicated volunteer therapists with the diverse needs of our cherished community members in Brighton & Hove. Our therapies are tailored to create moments of profound transformation, whether it's in the embrace of a hospital ward, the warmth of a community group, or the solace of an individual seeking healing.


Stories That Inspire Us


Our journey is marked by the voices of those we've had the privilege to serve. We've listened to our clients, whose stories resound with hope and healing. Through their feedback, we've discovered that complementary therapeutic methods are not just treatments but instruments of change. They have the power to:


  • Relieve the burdens of chronic and acute illness, lightening the load of suffering.

  • Illuminate the path to serenity, managing stress levels and guiding the way to relaxation and restful sleep.

  • Educate and empower, instilling the wisdom of self-care and well-being.


Making Healing Accessible


Our unwavering commitment is to extend these transformative therapies to those whose economic circumstances may create barriers to mainstream access. We firmly believe that healing should know no bounds, and everyone deserves the chance to flourish.


Join us in this heart-warming journey towards holistic wellness and vibrant health. Together, we light the path to healing, one compassionate touch at a time."

"My wife, my self and my son have all had Reiki at hospital. It has helped my son so much with the pain of his lungs."

Our Mission

Lighting Up Lives in Brighton & Hove


In 2023, our charity welcomed patients at the Wellsbourne Centre in the heart of Whitehawk area in Brighton." - Make the centre's opening sound like a significant milestone. "We are also offering an after-school Reiki clinic to nurture the Well-Being of Young Adults and Children.


Our Guiding Light: Transforming Lives through Care


At Active Lightworks (ALW), our heartfelt mission is to uplift and transform the lives of the wonderful people of Brighton & Hove (and the broader East Sussex) through the power of complementary therapies. In 2023, we embraced a new chapter as we opened the doors of the Wellsbourne Centre, nestled in the Whitehawk area of Brighton, with the invaluable support of The Broadway Surgery.  Here, amidst the bustling city, we found our place of solace, serving and nurturing around 2,300 patients. The Reiki project at our Broadway Surgery is a significant milestone in the history of Reiki in the UK. We aim to motivate other NHS surgeries to adopt Reiki in their practices. We also encourage Reiki therapists to initiate their own Reiki projects within the NHS.


Our journey is enriched by a remarkable NHS medical team led by the esteemed Dr. Anita Rajda-Bolczyk, the caring Practice Nurse Jacinta Mandal, the dedicated surgery manager, and the wonderful staff who made us feel at home. February 2023 marked a turning point as we introduced Reiki treatments as an additional wellspring of healing alongside our patients' ongoing health plans. Our approach is deeply personal, recognising that everyone’s path to healing is unique and deserving of tender care.


Beyond our clinic's doors, we extend our warm embrace to the young hearts and souls of the community through an after-school Reiki clinic, a testament to our commitment to well-being at all stages of life. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our sponsors, including The Ronson Foundation, for joining hands with us on this beautiful journey.


Our charity stands as a sanctuary of hope within the surgery's walls. As patients patiently await their NHS appointments amidst long waiting lists, our compassionate team extends not only Reiki but also a nurturing space where healing, both of body and spirit, finds its rightful place. In this haven, we believe that healing is not only a destination but a heartfelt journey, and we are honoured to be a part of everyone’s path to wellness.

Reiki Therapy
Our Mission

About Reiki

Discovering Reiki: A Path to Wellness


Reiki, pronounced as 'ray-key,' is a beautiful Japanese term that translates to 'universal life energy.' It's not just a practice; it's a natural system designed to bring about a profound sense of well-being and a positive, soul-renewing experience. This sacred tradition traces its origins to the early 20th century and the visionary work of Dr. Mikao Usui, whose dedication and exploration led to its evolution.


Reiki transcends any belief system, making its transformative benefits accessible to all. Through the gentle touch of a practitioner, it can unlock deep relaxation and promote a serene sense of inner peace and well-being. It's a tradition that recognises each individual's unique journey, open to anyone seeking harmony and renewal.


The Reiki Experience: A Journey of Gentle Connection


Receiving a Reiki treatment is a simple yet profoundly meaningful experience. The recipient remains fully clothed, comfortably reclining on a couch or seated in a chair. With the practitioner's intuitive touch and expert guidance, there's no massage or manipulation involved. Instead, it's a gentle and non-intrusive practice, allowing the healing energy to flow naturally, harmonising the body and spirit.


Through our clients' feedback, we've witnessed the profound impact of complementary therapies in relieving symptoms, managing stress, and empowering individuals to maintain good health.


Join Us in Creating a Healing Community Today!"

About Reiki

We Need Your Support Today!

Reiki at the Wellsbourne Centre

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