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How You can help by donating.


We rely on the generosity of our donors and fundraisers, which means we are able to privide our services for free. Please help us to continue to provide this much needed service.


Our online donation facility is run by Just Giving which makes it easy to donate via card payments.


We are happy to discuss setting up a regular donation through bank accounts with you or your organisation directly.


We claim gift aid on everything possible. If you are a UK taxpayer please complete the gift aid form to the right (pdf)  when sending in a donation to help us maximize your donation.


You can donate in a one off payment, or a monthly recurring payment. Just click here to go to our Just Giving page were there are other amounts you can choose by clicking on the Donate button there.


Gift Aid Form

If you're a Reiki therapist.


We welcome any enthusiastic person who would like to add their skills and ideas to our charity. By volunteering even a little of your time, you can:

  • Work in a variety of settings that stretch and challenge your professional skills

  • Be part of a supportive team, benefiting from shared knowledge and experience

  • Undertake peer learning* and supervision for continuous professional development

  • Exchange treatments with other members

  • Be part of an exciting, expanding charity and take part in our AGM

If you are interested in joining us as a therapist, please use the Contact form here.

Please note - there is a small annual membership fee of £5 to cover administration costs. We will arrange induction and CRB checks as appropriate per project.

* Recent courses for ALW member therapists
We've recently run training in HIV awareness, light-touch massage techniques to use when working in hospitals, and dementia awareness. All of this training has been provided free of charge

If you're involved in a community project.


If you think your members could benefit from access to therapies, and would like to set up a project in partnership with us, please get in touch using the Contact form.


debi n chris.jpg
FatherChristmas and Cllr Dee Simpson May

Debi with Chris Eubank Jnr. at the

Royal Alexander.

Debi with Councillor Dee Simpson

Mayor of Brighton & Hove

If you can do something else..!


Active LightWorks also always has lots of other tasks to do within our charity and welcomes any enthusiastic person who would like to add their skills and ideas to our work. We are especially looking for:

  • Project coordinators

  • Talented fundraisers / Event Organisers

  • People who have fun designing leaflets and flyers

  • People with ideas that we haven’t even thought of yet


If this is you please Contact Us.


If any of this inspires you, please contact us.

Child - After a treatment a child was noticed placing her hands on her toy when the therapist gently asked her what she was doing she replied “ I am giving her a sandwich of love, just like you did to me”.

Mother on being asked if she wanted a treatment for her child "Yes please, it made such a difference last time"

Child - "Feels really nice - definitely more relaxed there"

Child - "Wow, I can feel myself relaxing - it's weird!"

Mother about the effect of a Reiki treatment on her child - "Not himself today - you calm him down"


Could pay for 3 Reiki treatments at the Wellsbourne Centre.


Could pay for 8 Reiki treatments in at the Wellsbourne Centre.


Could pay for 16 Reiki treatments in at the Wellsbourne Centre.

Reiki Therapist
Someting Else
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