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Empowering Lives Through Healing


At Active LightWorks, our heartfelt mission revolves around transforming lives within Brighton & Hove. We firmly believe in the profound impact of complementary therapies and are dedicated to making them accessible to all. Collaborating with highly skilled practitioners, we extend our healing touch to hospitals and the heart of the local community. Here’s an insight into how we're weaving wellness into every project.


As we embarked on this journey, we introduced Reiki treatments in February 2023. This sacred healing art became invaluable to each patient’s wellness journey, harmonising with their existing health plans. At our NEW Reiki Clinic, which is open on Thursdays, our Reiki team, led by the experienced Deborah Mairesse and Fiona Ratti, extends warm invitations for one-hour sessions. Patients find their way to us through the caring referral of Dr. Anita or Nurse Jac., who recognises the holistic value of Reiki in their healing path.


The Wellsbourne Centre in 2023


In 2023, Active Lightworks opened the doors of the Wellsbourne Centre, nestled in the Whitehawk area of Brighton. This harmonious endeavour found its home under the caring embrace of The Broadway Surgery. Our journey at this centre involves serving approximately 2,300 patients, guided by the NHS medical team, Dr. Anita Rajda-Bolczyk, Practice nurse Jacinta Mandal, and Sonia Mulla the surgery manager, along with their wonderful staff, who welcomed us with open arms.

Feedback from our work at the Wellsbourne Centre

At the Wellsbourne Centre, we've received heart-warming feedback from those who've experienced the transformative power of Reiki therapy. Here are some of the stories and expressions of gratitude that touch our hearts:

  • A dear patient, shared, “Reiki has really helped me through a very difficult time of my life. Thank you.”


  • A recipient of our care, reflected, “Empathy and Kindness shown to me by the therapist were just exceptional!”


  • journey with Reiki has been transformative: "Reiki isn't just a temporary relief; it's become my anchor. I feel calmer, less anxious, and I look forward to every session with hope."


Transforming Lives at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital (2012-2021)


At the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, we've been on a mission to heal and uplift the young souls who crossed our threshold from 2012 to 2021. While most of our treatments were dedicated to the brave patients in the High Dependency Unit, our healing touch extended to parents, relatives, and our dedicated staff.


In the year 2018 alone, we proudly administered 1152 treatments, offering solace to children, their families, and our invaluable team. These treatments unfolded predominantly in the nurturing embrace of our High Dependency unit (HDU), spanning over 469 hours of care.


Of those 1153 treatments in 2018, a remarkable 871 (75.5%) were tenderly delivered to our young patients. However, our care knew no bounds as we provided 240 treatments to the resilient parents and carers (comprising 75% mothers, 13% fathers, and the remaining 12% shared among siblings, grandparents, and occasional caregivers). These treatments served as a beacon of hope and respite.


Yet, our support extended even further. We dedicated 42 treatments to the staff, acknowledging their tireless commitment to our cause.


Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the Rockinghorse Children's Charity, whose unwavering support funded this project. Their generosity allowed us to maintain a stable staffing base and offer an even greater number of treatments compared to what was previously possible when the project relied on volunteer efforts.


These numbers represent not just statistics but countless stories of hope, healing, and resilience. Together, we've made a difference in the lives of those who needed it most, and we continue to do so with boundless dedication.


  • A Moment of Tranquility: Following a Reiki session, the children's relaxation and newfound calmness are the most common observations. Many drift into a peaceful rest, while others express their relief through subtle yawns. For some, the burden of pain lessens, allowing them to breathe more freely. As they embrace this serenity, their breathing deepens, and those already asleep journey into an even more profound repose.


  • Radiant Smiles and Goodbyes: The end of treatment often brings radiant smiles, improved eye contact, and an overall sense of happiness. Seeing these young warriors bidding farewell with waves of gratitude warms our hearts.


  • Physical Transformations: Reiki touches not only their hearts but also their physical well-being. We've noticed positive changes in heart rate, breathing patterns, skin colour, and even increased secretions like catarrh or bowel activity. These subtle shifts speak volumes about the power of healing energy.


  • Comfort Amidst Uncertainty: With young children, it's challenging to measure the alleviation of pain or discomfort directly. Still, we can't help but notice the enhanced comfort they experience, signifying a potential easing of their suffering.



Treating the children - Observations from Treatments


As we extend our care to the little souls at the Children's Hospital, we witness the profound impact of Reiki treatments on their young lives. Here's a glimpse into the observations from these transformative sessions:

Our poster in the hospital.

  • Calm Amidst Procedures: Reiki's soothing influence shines when administered during distressing medical procedures like blood samples. While these moments are inherently upsetting for the children, Reiki provides a calming presence, making them noticeably more composed and less reactive.


While most of the children we treat are babies or under 5 years old, we've also had the privilege to serve troubled teenagers. These young souls, battling issues like eating disorders, self-harm, and even attempted suicide, have found solace and strength in Reiki. It has offered them a path to relaxation, serenity, and, in one inspiring case, even encouraged them to embrace nourishment.


A deep respect for each child's choices is at the core of our practice. We understand that not every young heart may wish to receive Reiki, and our therapists approach this sensitivity with the utmost care.

Feedback from Royal Alexander

A Mother's Gratitude: "a mother responded when asked if she wanted another treatment for her child.

A Child's Comfort: "Feels really nice - definitely more relaxed there," expressed a child after a session.

A Surprising Serenity "Wow, I can feel myself relaxing - it's weird!" a child exclaimed during a Reiki session.

A Mother's Relief: Describing the effect of Reiki on her child, a mother shared, "He's not himself today - you've calmed him down."

A Parent's Peace: "You certainly calmed her down," said a parent about the soothing impact of a Reiki treatment.

A Treatment of Care: "A really great service both my son and myself really benefit from."

A Mother's Gift

“I opted to have this treatment given to my daughter in order to allow her to have some positive experience of people coming to her bedside. She is 9 months old and has had to have a wide variety of tests done during her short life. She is now able to recognize the Reiki therapists and is always happy to see them."

A Therapist's Miracle

“5 minutes from the end of the treatment his parents started saying they could not believe what was happening, his colour came back, he was chatting, smiling and asking to eat! They said I brought him back to himself.”

A Child's Love

"After a treatment a child was noticed placing her hands on her toy when the therapist gently asked her what she was doing she replied “I am giving her a sandwich of Love, just like you did to me.”

A Parent's Journey Through Hospitalisation


When a child falls seriously ill, and hospitalisation becomes a reality, it sends shockwaves through any parent's world. The experience can be a traumatic one, often accompanied by a heavy emotional toll. Post Paediatric Critical Care admission, studies have shown that a staggering 50% of parents exhibit symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress (Colville G., Pierce C. Intensive Care Med 2012; 38:1523–1531 DOI 10.1007/s00134-012-2612-2). At present, our hospital has limited resources to address this profound challenge. The societal cost of unmanaged parental anxiety and depression is substantial, both in human suffering and economic terms.

However, amidst the turmoil, there is a glimmer of solace. Our dedicated therapists have noticed a remarkable transformation in parents during Reiki sessions. Many find respite from the constant stress, tension, and anxiety that often accompany the journey of having a child in the hospital. They express astonishment and gratitude for this service, a comforting presence during their child's treatment. For parents whose children frequently move in and out of hospital care, it serves as invaluable additional support—a lifeline that might not be accessible beyond the medical walls.

In their moments of vulnerability, parents generously share their thoughts on the treatments, offering profound insights into the impact of Reiki:

•    A Parent's Discovery: "My son has experienced Reiki several times during his hospital stays, and the results are amazing. Every session induces a deep relaxation, lulling him into a peaceful slumber. I'm considering bringing Reiki
into our home, so impressed am I with its effect."

A Mother's Relief: When asked if she desired another treatment for her child, a mother responded, "Yes, please. It made such a difference last time."

A Miraculous Remission: "I don't know what you did to my back, but the pain completely disappeared. Remarkably, three days later, it still feels better."

•    Calm: "It provided a sanctuary of calm and a moment of peace in an otherwise tumultuous place. I had a great night's sleep—an unimaginable feat in a hospital setting."

Gratitude "Thank you so much for the help at a time when we needed it most, and least expected it!"

 A Child's Comfort: A young child described the experience, "It feels really nice—definitely more relaxed there."

•    Benefits for Both "A truly exceptional service that benefits both my son and myself."


Treating the Staff

While staff faces time constraints, we still offer Reiki treatments to some of them, including student doctors and administrative staff. Their feedback (July-December 2018) reveals a significant improvement in relaxation, pain relief, and mental clarity.


  • A student doctor shared, "It was a bit weird, but I felt warmth and deep relaxation. I've recommended it to my colleagues."

  • An administrative staff member reported that her pain had disappeared after the treatment.

  • Nursing staff found the experience "very relaxing" and mentioned that their racing thoughts came to a halt during Reiki sessions.

  • Another student doctor marvelled at the warmth of the therapist's hands and appreciated the availability of this service at the hospital.

Past Projects.


Community Engagement

Since our charity's inception in 2006, we have collaborated with numerous community organizations in Brighton & Hove’s Community Voluntary Sector, including Mind, Rise, Brighton Women’s Centre, The Stroke Association, The ClockTower Sanctuary, Spin, WHINN, The Bridge Education and Community Centre, Dementia Together, Amaze, and the Carers Centre.

In our community projects, we primarily focus on individuals dealing with chronic health issues. Part of our mission is to make complementary therapy as accessible as possible, and we achieve this through:

•    Offering affordable sessions, with fees ranging from £3 to £6 for a 30-minute session.
Providing mobile therapy services. We partner with community groups and bring our therapists to their venues, equipped with massage couches, chairs, and oils. This eliminates the need for our clients to travel to a clinic, ensuring convenience.
•    Between January 2013 and January 2014, we delivered 550 hours of massage therapy to approximately 460 people.


De Café - Bevendean and The Level


In 2016, we initiated a partnership with the Alzheimer's Society to conduct a project focused on dementia care. Our ALW therapists administer 'light touch' massages to dementia sufferers and their caregivers at two Dementia Cafés in Bevendean and The Level.


These monthly cafés, organised by the Alzheimer's Society, provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals with dementia and their caregivers to relax. Light touch massage has proven highly beneficial in alleviating agitation and anxiety frequently experienced by those with dementia. These sessions contribute to increased well-being and reduced stress levels for dementia patients and their caregivers.


During each café session, we offer massages for the hands, shoulders, or head, catering to attendees' specific needs and preferences. Monthly, we provide sessions to between 16 and 20 people.


Additionally, we plan to conduct workshops to teach caregivers simple massage techniques to use with their dependents. This tactile communication can be a potent means of connecting with individuals receiving the massage.



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Reiki at the Wellsbourne Centre

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