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Ali Walters

Project lead, Reiki therapist

Ali is a Massage therapist and Reiki Master. She joined ALW in March 2010, and has worked on the Royal Alexandra Children’s HDU Reiki project since it started in 2012. She loves being a therapist on the High Dependency Unit as every session she see what such a difference receiving Reiki makes to the patients, parents and staff.

Visit Ali's website here:


Deborah Hood

Trustee, Massage and Reflexologist

Deborah joined ALW in September 2006 as a project co-ordinator and practitioner, and she is now a Trustee since November 2011.

Visit Deborah's website here:   

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Pam Webb

Reiki therapist

Pam joined ALW In November 2019 as a Reiki therapist at the Royal Alexander Hospital in Brighton. She had previously spent a year working voluntarily with sick children.  


Debi Mairesse

Reiki and Craniosacral thearpist

Debi has worked as a Reiki therapist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Brighton from 2014 onwards treating over a thousand children and has DBS approval.  She is highly intuitive and perceptive and often pick up on things others have overlooked.

Visit Debi Mairesse's website here:


John Rawlinson

Nurse and Reiki therapist

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