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Meeting Noam

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

In this article we introduce treatment given to Noam, with testimony from both Noam's parents and from Deborah Mairesse who preformed Reiki treatment on Noam.

Our little Noam was born after a complicated natural breech delivery at 37 weeks and 3 days, we knew from the beginning, that something was not quite right as he was extremely floppy, had a very weak cry and had to be tube fed straight from birth. We stayed at the neonatal unit for a month, where he had his brain scanned and a genetic test, both came back as normal. Though something was still not quite right they let us go home where we managed to stay for two months until Noam had his first chest infection, in February 2018..

He stayed hospitalised from February until December. I think the most stressful thing for us, during this time in the hospital, was that we did not know what was wrong with our little guy. Noam was only diagnosed when he was 7 months old, about four months after he was admitted into hospital, and after two chest infections. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. He has Nemaline Myopathy a rare muscular disease that affects his whole body but mainly his chest, swallowing and facial muscles. As he is not able to cough any virus or bacteria that gets to his lungs cause severe damage.

When we were at the Royal Alexandra in Brighton we were introduced to Reiki by the Rockinghorse crew, Debi (Deborah Mairesse) was the first therapist we met. She is the most gentle and kind human being, always very calm and, somehow, she manages to pass on her calmness. She and Noam had an almost instant connection. After every session with her we would notice that Noam’s heart rate had dropped considerably. He would be so much more chilled after Reiki, it was amazing. Also, most of the time, his breathing would improve, bringing his oxygen levels up. John was the other therapist who took good care of us during our time in the hospital. Sometimes, we would get a session ourselves and that was so important for us, while we focused on our little man’s wellbeing. Reiki was essential while we were trying to be positive and needed energy to be there, 100% by his side, as well as transmitting confidence to him that we believed in him and everything was going to be fine.

Not knowing the reason that a patient is unwell is very uncomfortable for the doctors and in moments like this they tend to give you the worst news just in case. I remember feeling devastated after hearing from one of the doctors that some children in the same situation as him do not make to two years old. Well, our Noam is about to turn two, he has been growing and getting stronger every day. We are amazed by his progress, he sits on his own, talks (in his own language), and we have kept having Reiki sessions at home where we have been for more than 8 months now.

To conclude, one of the therapists that accompanied us during this time in the hospital truly believed, together with us, in Noam’s progress. Right from the beginning, when his movements were very reduced, she believed he would make it. We will always be grateful for her support in those difficult moments, I am sure if we had not had the Rockinghorse Reiki sessions life would have been much harder in the hospital.

Some words from Deborah Mairesse

Working at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital , at the High Dependency Unit is both an honour and a privilege. With it comes responsibility and also Joy. As Reiki therapists we are offering a service that for many is still unknown and it really places us in a role of Reiki Ambassadors. Families are at their most vulnerable time.

Meeting Noam and his parents has been a wonderful journey. They had not been long admitted to the Alex, in Brighton, when they received very difficult news. I am positive that Reiki helped them cope with what lay ahead.

I always believed in Noam’s resilience and inner strength to thrive no matter what the “diagnostics,“and that has had an impact on the whole family .

I met Noam when he was a baby and instantly felt a strong connection with him. He has this incredible inner strength and extremely sweet personality. Noam is curious about the world around him and seeing him grow in motor skill abilities, in confidence, in the ability to communicate, in his understanding of 3 languages and his determination to overcome anything has been the most beautiful gift.

Physically, Reiki helps to open Noam’s lungs and improve his breathing whilst also helping to loosen and excrete catarrh . His Heart rate often slows down and he becomes very relaxed. It helps with constipation and digestive issues. It boosts his Central Nervous System and Immune System.

Emotionally I feel he feels supported in every way by the gentleness of receiving Reiki - being in the hospital can be filled with invasive procedures. Reiki is non invasive, gentle, calm and sometimes without touch. Being approached by someone at the hospital who is not going to poke you about provides a wonderful experience for children. Most often if Noam has not fallen asleep straight after a

session I do get the most wonderful smiles ! I am pleased to say that almost 1 ½ years later Noam is an incredible toddler and already a great little musician who enjoys his Reiki sessions very very much!

Deborah Mairesse- Reiki Therapist at the Alex

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