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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The Active Lightworks charity has opened its doors at the Wellsbourne Centre, in the Whitehawk area of Brighton, under the aegis of The Broadway Surgery, serving around 2,300 patients.

The NHS medical team headed up by Dr. Anita Rajda-Bolczyk (left) and Practice Nurse Jacinta Mandal plus Sonia Mulla, the surgery manager, and the wonderful staff have welcomed us with open arms.

We began to offer Reiki treatments in February 2023 as an additional resource to the patient’s healing journey alongside their current health plan and it is to this end that we approach each person individually.

The Reiki team, led by Deborah Mairesse (Left) and Fiona Ratti offer appointments of one hour slots at the NEW Reiki Clinic on Thursdays. Patients are referred to us by Dr. Anita or Nurse Jac.

Each one of us are individual with our own particular experience and current situations, but there are some common threads which often show up such as anxiety, depression, sleeping issues and back pain.

We believe the body welcomes and receives Reiki to bring balance to the nervous system, to support the immune system, to invigorate the heart and circulatory system and to balance the hormonal system, and so our approach is holistic with all of the patient, their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies.

Patients are saying:

  • “Since my Reiki treatment I have been doing breathing and relaxation exercises at home.”

  • “I feel lighter, more relaxed, more able to cope with life, more positive!

  • “I have never felt this relaxed!“

  • “I had the best sleep in a very long time after my first session.“

  • “I am much more connected to my physical body and understand better the benefits of relaxation."

Each patient is allocated 3 therapy sessions and are also offered the opportunity to learn for free the Self-care aspect of Reiki through online videos and further support at We are also offering an after school Reiki clinic, so that young adults and children can benefit.

This is another pioneer project initiated by Active Lightworks, as patients are referred to us by their GP. We are very grateful to all of our sponsors , including The Ronson Foundation.

Active Lightworks is providing a complementary service at the surgery. Whilst patients wait for NHS appointments due to long waiting lists, they are being looked after by our team, who are not not only sharing Reiki, but also creating a nurturing and compassionate space for unwinding and healing to take place.

If you would like to donate to this project or get involved in any way please see the link below. Thanks

With Love and Kindness,

From all the Active Lightworks team

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